About Nimo

Nimo is short for Geronimo f/t Friesian Conn.  I choose the abbreviated form of his name to fit his black Lab personality.  He is playful, loves water, adores people, and can eat his own body weight in hay every day.  Oh, and he can get into trouble faster than any other horse I know.

Nimo is by Ouke 313 out of Mai Vind Molle.  Ouke 313 stood at the Friesian Connection in Michigan until his death in 2011.  Nimo was purchased as a weanling by Wish Upon A Ster Friesians in Maryland and raised there until I bought him when he was 14 months old.  He's now eleven years old, and we're finally beginning to understand each other!

October 2006 - Nimo as a four year old

May 2004 - Nimo as a two-year old


  1. Yay! Nimo is gorgeous! I'm so excited to have found another blog with a Friesian!!! I have a 2009 Friesian/Arabian cross that I've raised since he was five months old. I'm always looking for more Friesians in blog land. :D

    1. Thanks! I'm definitely going to stop by your blog soon - I saw the picture of Chrome - gorgeous! I love the idea of a Friesian/Arabian cross. All the athleticism of an Arab with some substance and cooler temperament from the Friesian.