For anyone new to horses or for those of you who are just curious, here is my itemized list of how much all my stuff has cost me or continues to cost me.  First, there is a breakdown of the things I just had to buy once (e.g. horse) or not very often (e.g. saddle).  I'll probably add to it from time to time as I remember something.  Right now, I'm not sure I can think of everything I own.  Then, I've got a list of the expenses I have each year.  Please be warned, it's very frightening, and if you are by some chance my husband, you should avert your eyes now and run far away!

One-Time (or slightly more than one-time) Expenses

- Horse $11,000
- Saddle $1,255
- Bridle $180
- Bit $75
- Breast collar $150
- Saddle Pads $50-130/pad (I have at least 10 pads and this isn't counting the sheepskin half pad I don't use...)
- Breeches $50-120
- Boots $80
- Half chaps $120
- Whip $25
- Pommel pack $55
- Brushes $100 (I'm guessing here - some of my brushes have been around since I was 11)
- Body Clippers $250
- Regular Clippers $145

Annual Expenses

Board $400/mo = $4,800/yr (Holy Crap!)
Grain (CoolStance) $42/mo = $504/yr

Supplements (Magnesium Citrate) $30/mo = $360

Teeth floating $125/6 mos = $250/yr
USRider membership = $120/yr
Manassas Battlefield annual permit = $20
State Wildlife Management Area permit = $20
State Forest Permit for riding = $16/yr
Trailer inspection $15/yr


  1. Training costs? Truck and trailer costs? Travel/gas costs? (Hubby avert your eyes! LOL)… just discovered your blog and love it!

    1. Hi E GB! You are right - I should put those costs in too - I think I might be headed for divorce!:)