Endurance Tips

Below are resources that I've found with helpful information on all stuff endurance related.

What to pack in your endurance crew bag.  This blog post is by Karen Chaton.

In which this is a post about horses, horses, and more horses.  This post is by Aarene Storms, author of Endurance 101.  If you scroll to the very end of the post, there is a video that Aarene took while she was trotting her mare, let her stop to eat grass, and then started trotting again.  It is so seamless and I love the visual of how you should be giving your horse a chance to eat every now and then on your rides

Drifts.   This post is by Saiph, and while the focus is on her ride that day, she also talks about something called Horse Quencher.  Horse Quencher is a small amount of grains and flavoring that is added to a gallon of water to encourage the horse to drink, so it's a perfect product to try if you are conditioning for and riding in endurance rides.  I haven't tried it yet, but it is manufactured by Pennfield Feeds, which is a reputable feed company, so I'm putting it on my list of things to try.

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