Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Some Nimo Candids

I've been doing a photo dump off of my phone, and I realized I have tons of pictures of Nimo from the past few months.  Here is a sampling.

From August:

After a bath

Gemma loves to hang out with Nimo!

Below...Nimo is having a great time rolling in the field.

From September:

Nimo with his herd

Coming in to see me

His eyes are so beautiful to me!

After the show - yes I used a weird color yarn to tie off his braid because I couldn't find my black yarn...

Storm coming in
From October:

   Video of us trotting down the road through the farm where I board:

My daughter took this picture of me while she was sitting on Nimo

The fall color with the sky was so gorgeous!

Nimo out in his field staring longingly at the hay bale that is out of frame:)

A between the ears shot at Phelps Wildlife Management Area
From November:
A rare shot of Nimo out in the field at a distance.  Usually all I get are nose shots because I don't have enough time to get pictures before he comes up to me.