Tuesday, December 17, 2019

I went to the post office today...

Today was my drop-dead date for getting all cards and packages in the mail.  I was up until midnight last night getting everything ready so all I had to do today was load the stuff into the car before I headed out to a doctor's appointment.  My doctor is quite close to the post office, so it made sense to get both errands done in one go.

I drove past the post office on my way to the doctor's office and it looked like it had some kind of magnetic pull - all the cars from all the directions were converging on it.  And my post office is not particularly great to visit under normal circumstances, so I speculated about how long I might be in line.  An hour?  Two?

Anyway, after my doctor's appointment, I joined the line of cars headed into the post office parking lot.  Surprisingly, there were two spaces available, so I snagged one.  Even more surprising was that the line wasn't bad - maybe only 3 or 4 people.  Although I couldn't use the line anyway.  I had flat rate boxes with simple shipping, so no customer service from a real person for me.  I had to use The Machine.  There was no line for The Machine.  That wasn't surprising either, because it utilizes touch screen technology with the sensitivity of a mummy.  It takes so long to do one transaction because you are constantly trying different amounts of pressure on different parts of the screen to get a reaction, any reaction.

So I settled in for a long conversation with my least favorite technology.  It definitely was a lengthy conversation, but in the end, all packages had correct address labels and postage affixed.

And then I thought I'd stop by Dunkin Donuts to reward myself for surviving.  That turned out to be a mistake.  Apparently everyone has doctor's appointments before the holiday, and DD happens to share a parking lot with a medical facility.  (I find this endlessly amusing...)  It took me 10 minutes to get a parking spot.  Luckily there was no line for donuts (presumably all customers had been too traumatized by the parking situation to make it into the store - I, however, am made of sterner stuff!).

I got my favorite Boston Kreme donut and a latte and congratulated myself on surviving yet another holiday season:)



  1. Boston creme is my favorite donut. I used to work at DD and I made them! I would put so much custard inside they would explode. To give you an idea when I worked there, a dozen donuts cost 3.50$.; )

    1. I'm sad to say that I don't even know how much a dozen donuts cost. We get a half dozen, and I usually get a latte. The whole thing is under $10, so I guess I can't complain:) But you would have been my favorite employee if I had known you when you worked there:)

  2. I remember every afternoon a group of old gentlemen would come in and sit down to eat old fashioned donuts. And every one of them would leave me a quarter as tip: ) And cops ate free. I brought a lot of donuts home to the barn for all the horses.

    1. What fun memories! And I bet all the horses loved you!:)