Sunday, December 1, 2019

Hello December

As has become my tradition with this blog, I will be posting something each day in December.  I'm definitely overdue on some posts about what Nimo and I have been up to, and I like to share some Christmas-related things too.

Today's story is about what has become our family tradition for December 1.  It used to be that my husband and I would either put up our artificial tree or buy a real tree on the first weekend of December.  As our daughter, Gemma, has gotten older, her excitement for Christmas has grown and easily eclipses that of my husband and I (who also enjoy it but are limited by being adults, I think).  She simply cannot wait to get started on Christmassy things, and December 1 is the latest I can get her to wait to get the tree.

And so it was that despite a busy day of a horse show (more about that tomorrow), taking care of ducks (more about that later this month), checking on Nimo, attempting to eat something, shopping for Christmas presents, and a whole lotta rain, we found ourselves at our favorite garden store searching earnestly for the perfect Christmas tree.

Merrifield Garden Center is easily the best Christmas-themed store in the area.  The only thing that I know of that is more spectacular is probably the Michigan Mile in Chicago (although I'm sure all big cities have equally amazing displays).  But this store is even better because you can walk amongst all these Christmas-themed vignettes and buy anything and everything that takes your fancy.  Gemma and I go every year just to soak in the eye candy and find a few special ornaments.
The trees are always so beautifully groomed that it can be hard to choose.  In fact, the very first tree I saw looked almost perfect.  We need a narrower tree to fit into our living room, which isn't that big.  I tried putting the tree in the dining room last year, and that worked OK until we had to remove said tree.  We are still finding needles all over the house, because our dining room is in the back of the house up half a flight of stairs, and when we hauled it out last year, it left almost all of its needles in various locations inside the house.  So this year, I decided that we would go back to the old standby of putting the tree in the living room.

But seeing some of the magnificent, full trees made me wish that I had enough energy to just empty out one whole room for Christmas to accommodate one of them.  Even my husband, who is not usually not that into buying a tree, seemed kind of excited about it this year, and I think he might have even been having a little fun shopping in the big tree section:)

Gemma is inspecting the prices for me on one of the many rows of trees.
Gemma had fun making faces for the camera!
Given my parameters of a tree about 8-9 feet tall and on the skinny side, it didn't take us too long to find a second tree that was even better than the first one we saw.

We found our tree!
In short order, the staff had taken it away, cut the base and a few errant branches at the bottom, and had it ready to load.  And so our first Christmas mission was accomplished!

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