Monday, December 23, 2019

A Gingerbread House, of course

Last year my husband decided he really wanted to make a gingerbread house with my daughter.  Gemma, of course, loved, loved, loved it, so there was no question about whether they would make one this year.  Me being me, also of course, thought that it would be really cool if we could make the pieces ourselves out of real gingerbread.  And I found a neat-looking silicone mold kit at Pampered Chef, which I bought.  Because how hard could it be to make some gingerbread dough and bake it in the molds?

Well, as the month wore on and I still hadn't made any gingerbread dough, my husband reminded me that he was perfectly happy to go buy a kit, and I absolutely should not stress about making the house from scratch.  But I had my heart set on making the dough myself.

Finally, on Saturday I took the time to make the gingerbread dough with my daughter.  (We used the this recipe, which I had already used to make cookies a couple of years ago.)  And we also baked the dough into the molds.  It really wasn't hard, and the house shapes turned out reasonably well, given that I had a seven-year old who is not a perfectionist helping me.

The next issue was that I wanted to use real royal icing to put the house together and decorate it.  I wasn't sure my husband was up to making it himself, and it sounded like making it ahead of time might be iffy because it can dry out pretty quickly.

So after I got back from my ride yesterday, I whipped up the icing and let my husband and daughter loose with the house pieces, a bunch of candy, and the icing.  I left them unsupervised for awhile and heard some swearing and giggling.  And then I thought I should check on the situation.  There were colored sprinkles EVERYWHERE (including all over the floor) due to an unexpectedly high discharge rate from the bottle.  And one wall of the house had migrated about half an inch to the inside.  Plus gumdrops were oozing all over.  But Gemma was clearly having a blast, so we're counting it as a win, even though I don't think we're ready for The Great American Bake-Off just yet:)

We're calling our decorating style "Holiday Whimsy"
The best news is that I still have a bunch of gingerbread dough in the fridge, so I can make cookies tomorrow!

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