Thursday, December 15, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Winter 2009-2010

December 2009 was the beginning of what would become the winter from hell.  I forget all the blizzards that came through the area and how many inches of snow we got, but it was much more than usual.  In particular, I will never forget the day after one of the biggest snowfalls we'd ever gotten.  The wind blew at about 60 mph and it eradicated all efforts at plowing.  I managed to drive from our house to the entrance to the 1/4 mile driveway to the barn, but the driveway itself was buried under at least 20 inches of snow despite being plowed the day before.  I had taken our German Shepherd, Hera, with me.  In general, she considers any temperature over 40 degrees to be unpleasantly warm and enjoys even the coldest winter weather.  But that day, as we walked the quarter mile to the barn in the 60 mph wind, she found a swirled out spot in the snow, crawled in and refused to move.  I did eventually convince her to come out and we made it to the barn, checked on Nimo (the only time the weather was so bad that I agreed that he didn't need to be turned out for even one minute), and struggled back to the truck.

I found these pictures from December 5, 2009 - I think it was the first of the many snowfalls we would get.  Nimo had such a great time being out in the snow, although I think it kind of lost its novelty by winter's end:)

I found these pictures from December 20, 2009 - our house is actually a light brown color, but the snow reflected so much, we couldn't get a decent picture, but you can see how deep it was.

Not as much fun as the first time!:)
Then I found these pictures from February 3, 2010 - apparently I was getting better with the camera!

I love Hera's face:)
Near the bike path that runs behind our house
Then it snowed again on February 7, 2010, when I got these pictures:

But it wasn't over yet.  These are pictures from February 10, 2010 - the day I mentioned above where I took Hera to the barn to see Nimo.

Crazy icicles!
This is the driveway at the barn in case you couldn't tell:)
Hera is NOT happy!
So happy to be back in the truck after our trek through the snow!

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  1. Your Hera & our Saint (the Good Shepherd) are of one mind on the weather; luckily for Saint, we live in the Great White North.