Friday, December 2, 2016

A Horse-Free Day

My original post for today has been delayed due to technical difficulties, so given that I have about 20 minutes to post something before it is tomorrow and I miss a day of my daily posts, you are going to get something a bit different than what I planned.

I don't often have days that are completely horse-free.  Even on a day like yesterday, which involved commuting for 2 and a half hours in the morning and the same in the evening, so I could attend a training class in DC, I still find time to get out to the barn for at least a few minutes.

Today, though, I was going to be in DC for the second day of my training class and a friend had obtained tickets to the U.S. Army Band holiday concert at DAR Constitution Hall (also in DC) for the evening.  The tickets are FREE, but have to be reserved well in advance because they get snapped up quickly.  So I agreed many, many days ago that it would be a good idea to just stay in DC after my class and go to the concert.  Apparently, I forgot that my age is ever-advancing and that my bedtime after training is about 6 pm.

I managed to suck it up, though, and met my friend for dinner at the Founding Farmers restaurant before heading over to the concert.  I didn't really know what to expect, having never been to an Army Band concert before.  I have to say that it was a lovely event.  There was quite a mix of music, from bluegrass to traditional Christmas songs to more contemporary songs.  The musicians and the singers were quite talented and there was a bit of humor worked into the program as well.

The stage at DAR Constitution Hall
After the 90 minute concert, we made a quick run to the National Christmas Tree display near the Washington Monument before heading home.

The National Christmas tree is surrounded by smaller trees, one for each state and territory
A closer shot of the big tree
I did miss my horse time (even knowing that my husband and daughter went to the barn earlier in the day to give Nimo some love), but it was nice to do something that wasn't horse-related too.  While I would never give up having a horse and riding, there are certain sacrifices that I make as part of my commitment to a horse-infused life, and taking advantage of the many events in the DC area is one of them.  Luckily, I have a non-horse friend who can find the time to get together occasionally so I can glimpse the other side of life:)

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