Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Daily

For the last two years, I've used a system called December Daily to scrapbook each day of December for my daughter, Gemma.  It is a similar system to Project Life in that it uses pocket pages, fewer embellishments, and a simpler style than traditional scrapbooking.  I fell in love with the system after the first year because I really did document every day and within the first few days of January, I was done with the whole album because I was able to keep up with the scrapbooking in almost real time.

I also love the system because it allows me to record both the special holiday traditions that we have as well as daily life.  Kids grow so fast and no matter how many pictures we take during the year, it never seems like enough to capture those little moments that are so fleeting.  By forcing myself to find at least one picture for each day, I find that I do a better job of seeing those little moments and writing about them.

The system is quite flexible in terms of album style and the way memories are documented.  I always use Ali Edwards' main kit because it is so beautiful, but it would be easy enough to do with an existing stash or even digitally.  Most people use a smaller scrapbook, like a 6 x 8 or even a 4 x 6 to keep things easier.  I like the 6 x 8 size album because it is big enough to record more than one memory for any given day, but small enough to feel more manageable than a typical 12 x 12 page.

Anyway, last year, I tried doing a sort of December Daily for my blog.  Each day in December, I posted something.  The posts were not always that significant - sometimes it was just a picture and a short description, but it allowed me to share some of the littler things that would not always qualify for a whole blog post.  I got some great feedback from a few of my readers about it, so I decided to do it again this year.  So, from now until the end of the year, I will be posting something each day.  The posts (except for this one) will always be somehow related to Nimo and our journey and I hope you enjoy seeing some of those little moments that normally wouldn't make it to the blog:)

And for those who are curious about the December Daily scrapbooking system, I've included a few pictures and descriptions below to show you how I do it.

This year, I'm using the Jasmine Jones 6 x 8 album from Ali Edwards.  It is sold out, so I can't give you a link.  It's just a basic album and I'm unlikely to embellish it except maybe with some stamping or stickers on the inside of the cover.  The first year, I got a chipboard album that I had to paint and stencil and it just took too much time, so I'm keeping things a bit simpler now:)

December Daily 2015 album

I like to do a title page for each album.  This year, there was a gorgeous embossed paper in the kit that I got and I knew I had to use it.  The trees were already on the paper, but I added a wooden banner (from an old Studio Calico kit) that I stamped December 2015 on using the stamp set I got with my 2013 December Daily kit and a wooden deer from an old Studio Calico kit.  I also made little snowflake embellishments out of some white snowflakes I had in my stash, the red sequins from the 2015 December Daily kit, and tiny star brads from my stash.  Then I filled in the snowdrift and snow embossing on the bottom of the sheet with Elmer's glue and sprinkled Martha Stewart glitter on it.  Once the glue dried, I tapped off the excess glitter, and I was done.
2015 Title Page

My workspace always ends up taking up a big part of the dining room table, but I love having everything sort of spread out so I can see what my choices are for embellishments, journal cards, and paper.

All my stuff before it migrates all over the table:)

Here is a layout from last year's album where I documented our trip to buy a Christmas tree.  I had to pull the pictures out of the pocket page because there was too much glare from the plastic, but hopefully you'll get the idea.  You can see that I really didn't do a lot of embellishing.  I just used a journal card with a wooden number 6 from the kit, a strip of pink paper from my stash, the tag from the Christmas tree, and a small brad to fasten the tag.

Layout from December 6, 2014
Sometimes I just need one page to tell the story for a particular day.  Here's a picture of the layout I did for a day when I took Gemma to visit a friend's horse.  I put a little more effort into this page.  For the date card, I used one of the cards from the kit, a plastic pink wreath from the kit, a piece of twine from my stash for the bow, 4 little copper star brads from my stash, and the wooden number 12 from the kit.  For the journal card, I used a card from the kit, a plastic pink tree from the kit, one of the copper star brads from my stash to put on the top of the tree, and I stamped "The Story of Today" using one of the stamps that came with the kit.

Layout from December 12, 2014
At the end of the month, the album is pretty full, particularly because I also use it to keep all the Christmas cards and letters we get from friends and family as well as the one we send.  I used to wonder what to do with all those cards, so finding a home for them was great.  And now, they will always be there to add to the documentation for that holiday season.  Last year, I added something new for the last page.  The first year that I did the album, I used a poem for the last page, but Ali Edwards came up with the idea of having a page explaining why we do the album.  She used the page as the first page of her album, but I liked the idea of having it at the end.  I'm not sure I'll do that again this year because my reason hasn't changed, but maybe something else will occur to me.

Completed December 2014 album
Note:  All the products referenced in the post were purchased by me. I don't have affiliate links or accept free products.  I have nothing against bloggers who do as long as they disclose it, but I'm lucky enough to be able to blog without needing to get extra income from it.


  1. OMG Gail, this is beautiful and you are so creative. This makes me feel like a not very good mom. Sadly, my son is going to get a thumb drive with a bunch of pictures in it, hopefully organized into folders for each year. :-)

    1. Thanks, Jo:) I really love scrapbooking, which is why I spend so much time on it. I totally suck at other mom stuff like cooking and cleaning and laundry, so there is definitely a trade-off:) And I think a thumb drive that is organized is a pretty great legacy too!