Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Back on Track Products

I've been hearing great things about Back on Track products for years now, although I've never gotten anything for my horse.  If you've never heard of them, the premise is that the fabric of the product is infused with ceramic particles, which reflect the user's body heat.  This heat supposedly helps with things like sore muscles and achy joints and because the ceramic is essentially part of the fabric, it can't be washed out. 

I did buy the Mini Blanket for me a couple of years ago, and I have no doubt that it was responsible for the little sleep I managed to get on my first endurance ride.  I was so cold despite my sleeping bag, a fleece horse cooler, and more clothes than people wear in Siberia.  In particular, my face was cold.  I had both a wool hat and a hood on my head, but the cold air around my face was a serious problem.  So, I put that mini blanket on my pillow and within seconds, it was generating a nice, gentle warmth that made things right with the world again.  Since then, I've been meaning to buy more of the products to see if they work the way they are advertised, but I haven't gotten around to it.  Until now.

Guess what came in the mail today?

I love getting packages!
I took advantage of what I think is now an annual December sale where you get a free saddle pad if you order one of the sheets (there is now a mesh sheet, a fleece sheet, and a turnout sheet), and I figured that since I wanted the pad anyway, I should use the money I saved to buy a different product.  I chose the hock boots because Nimo is 13 and I haven't started him on a joint supplement, but I've been thinking about it.  I haven't noticed any particular problem, but I think it's probably better to do something preventive rather than wait until there is a real issue.

So, I now have a mesh sheet (because the fleece sheet seemed like too much for a horse that tends to run hot and has a full winter coat and because I don't use a turnout sheet with any regularity), a dressage pad, and a pair of hock boots to test out.  With as warm as the weather has been, I don't know how much immediate use all of these products will get because it seems counter-intuitive to me to use a heat-generating sheet when it is 70 degrees out, but I think maybe I'll at least try the hock boots tonight after the temperature starts to go down.

I don't know that I'll have anything exciting to report because I haven't really had any specific problems with Nimo like most of the users who write reviews seem to, but at least now I've got the products in my stash, so I can experiment a bit and I will absolutely post about it if I notice anything worthwhile.

If you've had any positive or negative experience with the BOT products, please feel free to let me (and my other readers) know in the comment section:)

And, just a note:  I paid for the BOT products with my own money and while I took advantage of a sale, that sale was offered to all customers.  I don't receive any compensation (financial or otherwise) for any products or websites that I mention or link to on this site.


  1. I love BOT. After six years of chiropractic and accu work on my lower back, I started wearing their back brace. I wore it for a little over two years, every day, even at work. I have zero back pain. Zero. I have had back pain (some times intense back pain) since I was 13 and had my first very serious back injury. I added to that injury in 2006, when I ruptured the disc at my L5. I have no pain, no sciatica, and no weakness any more. Best purchase ever.

    Additionally, I use it on my horse all the time. I have the fleece sheet which I use when hauling, to help keep his back loose and warm before a ride, and again on the way home. I have the BOT splint boots, which keep his tendons and lower legs nice and tight when we are doing arena work, especially the WE. I have also used them on trail when the going is especially rocky. I use the A/P pad under Ashke's saddle (really want the dressage pad because I think it will fit better, but I am going to have to wait). And I know there will be a Mesh sheet under the tree this year at xmas. (The offer was almost a $100 off, but did not come with the dressage pad.) I love how loose and comfortable the dressage pad keeps Ashke's back and it is the only pad I use on a regular basis.

    I hope you love them as much as I do.

    1. What an amazing story, Karen! It sounds like you've had a great experience with both the people products and the horse products. I hope they work as well for us:)

  2. The BOT wrist wraps are under the Christmas tree for my dad this year, as he has some carpal tunnel issues, and I'm very eager to see how well he likes them, since I would love to try some of the horse products on the crunchy pony (especially the hock wraps). So I'll definitely be following your experience with using them.