Friday, August 7, 2015

In an instant

I think it is probably a universal experience to have that moment when everything is going just as you planned and life is moving along at its normal pace, and than "BAM!" everything is different.  It can be a car accident, a fall after your horse spooks, dropping a knife on your foot and severing a tendon (that one did not happen to me), or simply walking on smooth concrete in flat-soled shoes 10 feet from your front door and somehow stepping wrong and twisting your foot and ending up in the emergency room and then on crutches for 2 weeks (I wish that one had been someone else...).

But this post isn't about me.  Instead it is about that instant when the life of my friend and fellow blogger, Saiph, went from getting ready for a camping trip to taking her horse to an equine hospital for emergency surgery.  A few weeks ago her horse, Lily, had a terrible injury after a bad spook, and medical bills really started to pile up.  Even though Lily was insured, insurance hasn't covered all the expenses, particularly those associated with post-hospital care.  You can read more about what happened as well as Lily's recovery on Saiph's blog at the following links:

In Which Lily Has Emergency Surgery
Lily Update
She's Home
Lily's Leg: Chapter 1
Lily's Leg: Chapter 2
Lily's Leg: Chapter 3
Lily's Leg: Chapter 4
Lily's Leg: Chapter 5

I know most of us don't have huge disposable incomes every month, but if you do have a few dollars to spare and feel so inclined, fellow bloggers Liz and Karen set up a fund that you can donate to.  The fund will help Saiph cover Lily's medical expenses.  Saiph is also raising money through her Etsy store by drawing animals.  You can send her a picture and she will render an artistic drawing for you.  If you like her work, now is the perfect time to think about ordering a drawing:)


  1. This took me so completely by surprise: I saw you had a new post and excitedly came over to read, and then saw the first paragraph and thought, "Oh no! Not her too!" and then realized the post was about Lily and me and I did a double-take. Thank you so much for sharing the story and links, Gail! <3

    1. You're very welcome:) I meant to post it sooner but time got away from me!