Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Hoof Tools

I really only use a rasp and a hoof knife to trim Nimo's feet. The nippers are useless to me for removing any hoof because Nimo's feet are so hard. I just use them for trimming ergots because it turns out that if I use a hoof knife - for example, a brand new, very sharp hoof knife, I will slice my finger open (because why would I be wearing gloves just to trim an ergot?). So far, I've managed not to injure myself with the nippers; thus, they've been promoted from crap-that-I-don't-use-in-my-tack-locker to something-that-keeps-all-my-fingers-attached-to-my-hand.

I also bought a special radial rasp from Jaime Jackson's website a couple of months ago. It is supposed to help rough-in a mustang roll. I have only been beveling the hoof from the bottom, and I wanted to expand my skills a little to include the mustang roll. Well, I've used the rasp a couple of times and I don't like it. That is pretty typical for me, though. I am used to the tools I have and learning a new way of rasping has been challenging. I think the rasp does what it purports to do, but getting the hang of moving it smoothly is currently evading me.

What tools do you use?


  1. Your nippers don't work well because they're not really nippers... they're shoe pullers ;)
    On principle I can't buy anything Jaime recommends just because I hate the guy so much. It's a weird idea, that you somehow are doing something different with the tubules with the Radius Rasp vs. a regular rasp, or so he says - the science in my head says it is bunk but who knows. I stick with my Save Edge rasps (the Beast is the BEST), GE nippers, and an assortment of hoof knives from Anvil brand all the way up to some very fancy ones. If Nimo has rock crunchers, can't recommend the Save Edges enough! They cut through anything!

    1. Hmmm...They were labelled as hoof nippers when I bought them and they do have a cutting edge, but I admit to being inexperienced with hoof tools, so I'll have to go back to the store I got them from and see if I can figure out what happened. Luckily, I trim often enough now that nippers aren't really necessary anyway. And I agree about the Save Edge rasp - that's what I had before the Diamond one that I have now. it's been working OK, but I'll probably go back to the Save Edge. As for Jaime Jackson, I'm still trying to decide about him. I recently read his book on trimming and got a little frustrated because it focuses a lot on extreme pathology and didn't have much on what you do to maintain/fine-tune decent feet.

  2. When my back allows me to trim I just use a rasp. :)