Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meet Holly

A couple of weeks ago, a close friend of mine started her horse, Holly, back to work after about 18 months off.  I offered to help by riding once or twice a week.  Holly is at a barn that is sort of on the way out to where Nimo is, so it isn't too much extra effort to stop by after I've been out to take care of Nimo, especially on days that I'm not riding him.

It is true that I have plenty to do in my life without adding another task to the mix, but I made the offer for two reasons:  First, my friend has a work schedule that is difficult for her right now and she has trouble feeling motivated to ride, so I'm hoping me riding Holly a little will help her feel more motivated.  Second, my friend had asked me to get on and ride Holly on the first day she was ridden so she could see how her horse was moving and get some feedback from me on what I was feeling in the saddle.  And I realized why so many people ride horses other than Friesians.  Holly is a gift to riders.  She is so smooth that it is almost hard to post her trot.  Plus, she's easy.  I'm not sure if it is her smaller size or her long years under saddle, but she's easy to communicate with.  Even though she'd been out of work for 18 months and was stiff, sitting her trot was a no-brainer, circles were almost effortless, and she was already pretty forward-thinking.  Basically, the opposite of Nimo.  And I thought it might be nice to ride an easy horse for a change.  I'd actually ridden Holly regularly many, many years ago when Nimo was too young to ride, but I didn't remember how she was under saddle.  So, once or twice a week for about 30 minutes, I get to ride almost without thinking, and it's so nice!


  1. Awesome!!! Sounds like a great arrangement for everyone involved. :D

  2. One of the reasons I LOVE having a little herd. A horse to work with for every mood. And back when I didn't have any or one, I did the same, riding many borrowed horses or for work, you really learn so much as well as can enjoy more the more horses you work IMO.

    1. I had worried at first that I would have trouble riding a different horse, but so far I think it has been helpful for my riding - now I'm a bit envious of your herd:)