Tuesday, December 2, 2014

As Darkness Falls...

The coming of winter is always hard for me because of the increasing darkness and the time change.  Combined, they mean that it is almost impossible for me to ride Nimo in the daylight during the week.  And, if I don't leave for the barn before dark, it is much harder for me to feel motivated to ride.  There is something so depressing about driving out to the barn in the dark and even if the temperature isn't cold, the darkness makes it feel as if it is.

So, I've made it a goal of mine to try to leave for the barn by 4:30 at least a couple of days a week to help me keep my motivation.  This is what I see as I pull in to the barn driveway:

The driveway is about a half mile long and the house and barn are barely discernible in the distance.  Last night, the crazy mid-70s temperature was rapidly decreasing to the 50s as a cold front clashed with our current warm temperatures. The wind was ferocious, and rain was already starting to fall by the time I got to the barn.  Luckily, I hadn't planned to ride, so I reveled in the weather change and enjoyed the dark clouds as they rolled over the farm.


  1. Do you take Vitamin D? I hate gray, dreary, dark days. I'm happiest when the sun is shining regardless of the temperature. I have a vitamin d deficiency and taking a supplement makes me feel much better! It's still hard to get motivated when it's dark but not as hard as it used to be.

    1. You know, I have taken cod liver oil in the past but haven't done it this year - it's so nasty that I admit to putting it off. Thanks for the nudge!:)