Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spray Shampoo

Washing Nimo's coat is always a bit of an exercise because it is very dense (even in summer) and for whatever reason (maybe a lot of lanolin? or possibly just the general state of filth in which Nimo prefers to live), it is difficult to get shampoo to penetrate to the skin.  So, for the last 11 years, I have been applying globs of shampoo that usually partially fall off and definitely aren't evenly distributed directly to the coat and then using some kind of scrubby mitt to work the soap into the hair.

I typically use Mane 'n Tail shampoo, but I recently ordered a bottle of Zephyr's Clean and Calm Shampoo as part of an order from Uckele Health & Nutrition.  The stuff isn't cheap, but as part of my search for a good natural shampoo, I thought it would be worth a try, particularly because I don't bathe Nimo that often.

I admit that I was disappointed when the shampoo first came because I could tell it was a liquid, not the thick goo I'm used to, and I couldn't figure out how it would work with my handful of goo application method.  Then, it occurred to me that I could put the shampoo into a spray bottle and spray it on!  This was a revolutionary breakthrough for me.  No more wasted shampoo all over the floor!  No more uneven coverage!

So, I bought an empty spray bottle at Bed Bath and Beyond and dumped the shampoo into it.

I've been using the shampoo to spray Nimo for the occasional bath.  I also use it just on the saddle area once or twice a week, because he got a nasty fungus there last year that actually damaged the skin so badly that white hairs grew back, so I'm thinking that just hosing the area off isn't good enough and some soap would be helpful.  So far, I love this new method of cleaning my horse...with one exception.  I need to cover my nose and mouth with my shirt while I spray or otherwise the mist is fine enough that I inhale it, which is a bit unpleasant.  Because of that, I don't use the spray near Nimo's head.  It's entirely possible that a different sprayer would use a coarser spray and minimize the issue, though.

I will note that when I was writing this blog post, I finally read the whole description for the shampoo, which says, "Our shampoos contain no artificial thickeners, scents, or colors.  Easy to use - wet one side of your horse, spray on the shampoo, curry or scrub horse.  Same for the other side, then rinse the entire body.  Due to the purity of Zephyr's Calm and Clean Shampoo, it rinses very quickly and completely.  You can spray it on, or pour some in a bucket of water for use with a sponge.  We prefer the spray as it's economical for overall body and perfect for spot cleaning..."  Had I read that when I ordered the shampoo, it's possible that it wouldn't have taken so long for me to figure out that I should use it as a spray:)  However, in my defense, I think the bottle should have come with a sprayer, especially for $35.

Anyway, I love the new method of cleaning my horse and I'm just wishing I had figured it out 10 years ago:)

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  1. Brilliant. For Q and her scratches, I think a spray shampoo (whether I have to water it down or whatever) is going to be best for treating it. She's semi-accustomed to me spraying fly spray all over and really good about it, so doing the shampoo that way and then rinsing is probably going to be my best bet for keeping her happy with me. Thanks for posting this.

    And I totally agree about the spray bottle for that price!! I love Zephyr's Garden, but their stuff is a bit pricy!