Sunday, June 1, 2014

I have a ride calendar!

I've been envying other bloggers with their ride calendars like this one from Funder.  And it occurred to me that having a written record of the month and my rides, as well as other horse and fitness stuff might help keep me on track a little bit better.  I've been struggling with some weather- and motivation-related issues for months, and I needed to get them under control.  So I went to the local office supply store and bought myself a calendar in March.

March and April totally sucked and that was much clearer on my calendar, which showed a whopping 37 miles in March and even less in April.  Finally, in May, I was able to get everything together and start actually working toward the conditioning plan I posted about in March.  I didn't get to my goal of riding 4 days a week with 2 active rest days, but I made significant progress.  Part of the reason I didn't reach my goal was because I figured it was something we needed to work up to, especially given our lackluster performance so far this year.

Another reason was because I noticed Nimo losing a little weight.  I guess that makes sense given that he started working more, so I backed off on riding a little while I worked on increasing his feed.  Now, I think we're in good shape.  He's put on a small amount of weight and is really looking good, so my plan is to remember to increase feed when I increase work and remember to feed extra on hard workout days.  It's such a weird problem for me to have with him because he's always been such an easy keeper that unless he's in regular work, he looks a little pregnant (or a lot pregnant the one year we had a billion feet of snow, so I didn't ride for 3 months).

Anyway, the grand total for May is 74.5 miles.  That includes about 20-25 miles of dressage schooling (it's hard to measure distance in the arena, and I often combine my arena work with a mile or two of walking around the farm) and a few miles of handwalking.  The rest is all trails.  To help me get in better shape, I've been trying to handwalk Nimo the last mile of our rides and throw in an active rest day once a week where I just handwalk him down the driveway for a mile.  I'm expecting to use those handwalking sessions to work on our trot-outs a little later this summer and maybe increase the distance to up to 3 miles.


  1. Love it!! Y'all are doing AWESOME.

  2. Wow, nice job! Blew my mileage away, too ;)