Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My New Favorite Riding Shirt

I admit that for the nearly 30 years of my riding life I have been more than happy to ride in a t-shirt.  In fact, I have an assortment of t-shirts that are old, unstylish, fit weird, are stained, have paint on them, and may or may not have holes in them.  Many are like old friends because I've had them so long.  But...as I began to ride more in the heat and humidity last year, I realized that I might have to move on to something better.  I held on the tradition as long as I could, but a couple of weeks ago, I broke down and went to Dover Saddlery to take a look at athletic-type riding shirts.

I had purchased a special riding shirt a couple of years ago, but it had a collar, which I hated.  So, I was in search of something with no collar that didn't cost $100 because it had some sort of special brand name on it.  Kerrits had a tank top that I thought might be a possibility, so I actually bought 3 of them.  (In for a dollar and all that...)

As it turns out, I am now in love with this tank top.  It is lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and comes in fun patterns.  It is the Kerrits Air Flow Tank (pictured below).

And it only cost $30, which is kind of a steal compared to the $50 and up price tag of more annoying-looking shirts (by that I mean shirts with collars and other unnecessary accoutrements, such as horizontal stripes and strange patches).

Anyway, along with a couple of other purchases (about which I will write over the next couple of weeks), this top makes me feel like I might soon be an endurance rider.  And hopefully, it will keep me comfortable enough to keep training right through what promises to be another lovely Virginia summer, so I can actually go to an endurance ride soon:)

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  1. I love the fun colors and designs! Kerrits makes some good stuff...I really like their Ice-Fil line (the long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts have collars, but the tank top doesn't), and Columbia also has their Omni-Freeze line of sportswear that has some tanks that are great for riding and can often be found on Amazon for less than retail.