Friday, August 2, 2013

A conversation with myself...

Last night I rode my horse.  This probably doesn't seem like that big of a deal, unless you know the inner dialogue that led up to the ride.  I have this terrible habit of not wanting to ride if it's too hot, too cold, or I'm too tired.  Because sleep deprivation has been my constant companion for probably the last 19 months, I usually have to overcome two of the three.  I didn't used to have this problem, but as more responsibilities have crept into my life, riding my horse sometimes seems more like a chore than a hobby.  It's step 23 on my to-do list to fix that.  Anyway, if I haven't specifically planned to meet someone to ride, I often wuss out, which is what happened Wednesday night when I somehow convinced myself that I wanted to watch the movie, GI Joe: Retribution, instead of going riding.

I was brain-dead from 8 hours of working and watching my 10 month old daughter (by the way, I do not advise working and watching a baby simultaneously, unless your job involves a lot of staring vacantly into space) and had entered the twitching part of the phase, where I literally can't focus on anything for longer than 1.5 seconds and my eyeballs want to burst out of my head.  So, rather than getting some horse therapy, I choose to rent an action movie.  Now, don't get me wrong, action movies are great.  They are especially nice when you have the attention span of a gnat and will easily get lost in a plot more subtle then "Must Blow Up Bad Guys."  So that's what I did.  And then I went to bed.

On Thursday, I recommitted to riding.  I was definitely going to ride.

Me (to my husband at 5 pm):  "I'm going out to the barn to ride my horse."

Husband:  "OK, have fun."

Me (to my husband at 5:54 pm):  "I'm going out to water the chickens."

Husband:  "OK, will you bring up the plates from downstairs so I can wash them."  (Yes, I am truly blessed to have a husband who washes dishes almost every day.)

Me (to myself while out with the chickens):  "Wow, the coop sure is dirty.  I better clean it."

Other me (to myself):  "Are you sure this isn't a form of procrastination about riding?"

Me:  "Of course not.  Why would you say such a thing?"

Other me:  "Because you've had many opportunities to clean the coop, but you chose a time 5 minutes before you're supposed to leave to go to the barn to do it."

Me (defensively):  "That is so not true!"

Me again:  "It is really muggy out here.  I don't know what the weather man was talking about when he said there was lower humidity outside.  I wonder if riding is such a good idea."

Other me:  "Gaaaa!  I knew it!  Finish cleaning the coop and GET OUT TO THE BARN!"

Me:  "Look, I can still ride tomorrow night.  It's supposed to be even nicer then.  Maybe I should do that.  The thought of riding around in the indoor arena in this humidity is not pleasant."

Other me:  "You don't have to ride in the indoor arena - you could ride in the fields."

Me:  "But the fields are probably muddy with all the rain we just got."

Other me:  "Then just walk around the neighborhood."

Me:  "But then I'm not really getting any conditioning work done, and Nimo really needs to work on some loosening exercises - his right shoulder feels stiff."

Other me:  "Oh my God!  Why do I even put up with you?"

Me (to my husband):  "Whew!  It's nasty out there!  I just cleaned the coop - it was really dirty."

Husband (knowingly):  "Huh.  Are you still going riding?"

Me:  "Maybe not - the humidity is supposed to be lower tomorrow.  My ride might be more pleasant."

Husband:  "Hmmm."

Other me:  "Look at the time.  It's still only 6:20.  You have plenty of time to ride."

Me:  "Sigh...I guess I really should get out to the barn.  Nimo has been losing some weight recently.  I should at least check on him and give him some treats."

Other me:   "Hurray!"

Me:  "I wonder if I should put on riding pants?"

Other me:  "Yes!  That way, you don't have to ride, but you could, if you wanted to."

Me:  "Good point.  I'll wear the riding pants, but I won't necessarily ride."

...40 minutes later at the barn...

Me (to my horse):  "Holy Crap!  What happened?!  You look like you were drowned in a mudslide!"

Nimo:  "It was hot.  There were flies.  And you washed off the last batch of mud I rolled in."

Me:  "Now I'll never get to ride.  I don't have the energy to get all this mud off!"

Nimo:  "Cool.  Did you bring food?"

Me:  "Yes, here's some food.  I guess I might as well try to scrape some of this mud off...and maybe use the hose."

...Half an hour later...

Me:  "Well I've gone through all this work.  I guess I should ride."

Other me:  "Yay!  We can ride in the field and see how the footing is.  It doesn't look too bad in the paddock."

Anyway, to cut this long-winded dialogue short, I did the fields...and we also worked on suppling and lateral exercises...and we trotted a lot...and my horse was as fresh after an hour work-out as he was at the beginning.  Which is saying something because normally my horse likes to go as slow as possible.  But he did a very legitimate Arab impersonation and acted like he might spin and bolt at any moment and snorted a lot with flared nostrils, and pranced instead of walked, and tried very hard to go faster.  Cool.  I guess all that riding has paid off and I should keep doing it because my horse is actually getting fitter.  I can't wait to talk to myself about it tomorrow:)

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  1. I can't speak for everyone, but I personally have entirely too many negotiations with Lazy Me. Grats on your ride ;)